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Team Members

When he's not busy running the station, he's spinning those tunes and spreading the word of Aviation!

From Monologue to Panel discussions and Jazz to Rock, "The Stick" is really Shakin' it!

A First Officer of the most popular airliner in the world! Matt loves to talk about Aviation!

Paul is a ATC Student with the US Air Force! He's on Military Leave right now, but when he's back expect the best of Classic Rock & Exciting Topics on ATC!

Chase is a Professional Pilot student at the University of Oklahoma College of Professional and Continuing Studies. He is pursuing a career as a pilot, as a well as a technology professional. Imagine That!

Jane is famous for her Pop Beats!

He's a Gulfstream pilot! Providing Expert Aviation Insights & Correspondence for Flight Level Radio.

An Aviation Contributing Correspondent from the Midwest! He flies the Centurion!

An Aviation Contributing Correspondent from the Midwest! He Flies anything with wings and some things without!

One of our Rampie Aviation Contributors, The guy that haphazardly throws your bag into the plane after he's left it sit on the tarmac in the pouring rain for 30 minutes!